For employers

PFRON – employing people with disabilities

Companies employing more than 25 employees are required by the Polish labour law to engage people with disabilities. Companies which do not obey this regulation are obliged to pay contributions due to their “asocial behaviour”.

The amount of contributions depends on the number of employed people: for a company with 25 employees it is almost PLN 2 300; for a company with 100 employees this amount may account for more than PLN 9 100*.

Chosen MR JOB services enable to minimise or avoid costs related to contributions for employing unsatisfactory percentage of people with disabilities. In case of companies employing the disabled, the agency offers their support in securing subsidies for remunerating employees with disabilities. Our long-standing experience in employing people with disabilities shows that in most cases their condition does not influence considerably the quality of their work and their scope of responsibilities. Due to their determination and commitment, those people are competent employees. The money may be spent on supporting competitiveness, eradicating poverty, and improving Polish employees’ qualifications.

Service implementation process:

  1. 1. We audit employment structures in the company to determine 1. the number of people possessing a certificate of disability (employers are often unaware of how many of their employees were granted such a certificate).
  2. 2. We choose solutions which enable to avoid costs related to 2. asocial behaviour” of the company or to reduce them significantly.

*Payments for the National Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) have to be done by entrepreneurs employing at least 25 employees on a full time basis (full-time employment) whose rate of employment of people with disabilities does not exceed 6% of the total number of the employed. The amount paid by the entrepreneur to PFRON is 40.65% of the average salaries and the difference between the number of employees guaranteeing that 6% of the employed are disabled and the actual employment of people with disabilities.