For employers

Professional recruitment processes

In accordance with the current trends in the HR sector, MR JOB uses the newest models of employee recruitment. The professionally managed multistage selection process enables to find the most suitable applicants who meet our clients’ requirements.

Recruitment process MR JOB:

0. Analysis of our client’s needs
On the basis of an interview with the employer, we specify expectations and conditions related to the recruitment process.

1. Candidate profile
Together with the client, we describe the ideal candidate for each required position.

2. Database
We determine a group of potential candidates. Updating our database regularly, we publish job advertisements in suitable state and local websites.

3. Preliminary selection – SITA model
Within this stage, the applicants for a given position are screened on the basis of their application documents.

4. Phone interview
Our consultants interview the applicants by phone in order to verify and supplement data included in their application documents. After this stage, another type of selection takes place and chosen candidates are asked to take part in an in-person interview.

5. In-person interview
During the meeting, we have a chance to initially get to know our applicants’ personal traits and to assess their social skills. On the basis of the previously received documents (certificates of: employment, course and training completion), we verify their education and experience. During this stage, recruiters often use competency assessment tests and assessment centres.

6. Employment
The last stage includes a medical examination, a preliminary occupational health and safety training course, and completion of HR documentation enabling to start work. Additionally, each employed person receives a textbook for temporary employees, which includes information on the nature of the sector, the organisational culture applied by the client, and terms and conditions of their cooperation with MR JOB.