For employers

Employment for a trial period

Employment for a trial period enables to check new employees’ competence in practice and to make sure that we have selected the right person for a given position.

The time spent to adjust to the new position enables the candidates to increase their efficiency and prove their new employer that it has been the right decision to choose them.

Employers can lease an employee from a temporary employment agency for a trial period of at least 3 months. After this time, they may sign an employment contract with the employee without incurring any additional costs. Due to the efficiency of the recruitment process, this service enables companies to minimise fluctuation within the first months from employing new employees. Employment for a trial period is a good solution especially when companies implement new projects. Thanks to that, employers can create a team of competent and experienced employees who understand the organisational structure and culture of the company.

Profits achieved thanks to employment for a trial period:

  • cost reduction due to the lack of inefficient recruitment processes related to e.g. necessity to dismiss employees;
  • guarantee of effective recruitment processes conducted by a team of MR JOB professionals with the use of innovative recruitment tools;
  • possibility to check the employee before signing a contract;
  • possibility to sign contracts for periods shorter than the ones specified in the Labour Code;
  • shortened notice periods.