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The recruitment process DE

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Recruitment Process dedicated for Candidates wishing to apply to work in Germany 

  • 1
    Sending your CV by e-mail or via the online form on the website
    Feedback to Candidate of the receipt of application documents
  • 2
    Pre-selection of CV – SITAW model within this stage, the candidates for the position are subject to the analysis and selection based on application documents.
  • 3
    An in-depth telephone interview The aim is to verify and supplement the information contained in the application documents. As a result of this step another selection follows and an invitation to the selected candidates for an interview verifying knowledge of German.
    Feedback to Candidate on the in-depth interview
  • 4
    Phone Call – verification of German language skills. At this stage MR JOB Consultant checks the general knowledge of the German language, and the professional language of the Candidate.
  • 5
    Contact with selected candidates MR JOB Consultant contacts the candidates who have successfully passed the individual stages. The aim is to present the conditions of cooperation..
  • 6
    The decision to employ Candidate profile willing to cooperate is sent to the German Contractor.
    Feedback to Candidate informing about the decision of the Contractor
  • 7
    Employment If a positive opinion of the Contractor is obtained, the last step is to conduct an adequate medical examination, initial safety training and complete staffing documentation in order to allow the commencement of work. In addition, each employed person receives an information leaflet on the employment by temporary employment agency, as well as a leaflet concerning the reimbursement of travel costs..

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