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The aim of outsourcing employees is to ensure, within a specific period of time, employees whose knowledge and skills comply with the requirements described by the client. This service involves outsourcing payroll and human resources activities, as specified in the Labour Code. The agency takes over some of the employers’ responsibilities, related e.g. to recruitment processes, remuneration, absence control, and ongoing employees fluctuation.


  • Professional recruitment processes

    In accordance with the current trends in the HR sector, MR JOB uses the newest models of employee recruitment. The professionally managed multistage selection process enables to find the most suitable applicants who meet our clients’ requirements.


  • Helping or substitute employees

    The aim of substitute employment is to enable the employers to supplement their staff when their own employee is absent without any necessity to establish lasting ties with a newly-employed person.


  • Employment for a trial period

    Employment for a trial period enables to check new employees’ competence in practice and to make sure that we have selected the right person for a given position.


  • Posting workers to Germany

    For many years, MR JOB has been cooperating with the representatives of the German labour market, providing the services of posting workers to companies in many different industries.


  • Implementation of EU projects

    The MR JOB temporary employment agency has gained considerable experience in implementing EU projects. In the years 2007 – 2013, we carried out projects as part of the Human Capital Operational Programme and the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.


  • PFRON – employing people with disabilities

    Companies employing more than 25 employees are required by the Polish labour law to engage people with disabilities. Companies which do not obey this regulation are obliged to pay contributions due to their “asocial behaviour”.


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  • Served sectors

    As a temporary employment agency, we can serve companies representing nearly every sector of the Polish labour market. An exception is the construction industry and sectors where the work involves immediate danger to life.


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