For employers

Helping or substitute employees

The aim of substitute employment is to enable the employers to supplement their staff when their own employee is absent without any necessity to establish lasting ties with a newly-employed person.

According to the act on temporary employment, the agency may employ a substitute employee for a period not longer than 18 months.

Temporary substitute employees are a practical solution to companies who want to find a substitute employee immediately and professionally, ithout incurring any additional costs (related to recruitment processes, payroll and human resources services, and increase in employment). This form of cooperation often gives temporary employees a chance to gain or develop their experience and to become, by being deeply committed, competent team members.

These services are an ideal solution in the following cases:

  • medical leaves,
  • holiday leaves,
  • maternity leaves,
  • training courses,
  • long business trips.

Employees to help

This service makes it possible to lease several times a month employees who work night or afternoon shifts or at weekends.

Leasing employees to help is an exceptionally functional service which is often chosen when it is required to support permanent employees. It is the most flexible solution from any available forms of employee leasing. Due to employees leased to help, companies can retain their full efficiency and organisational structure when a lot of work has to be done.