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The recruitment process UA

  • 1
    Sending the CV by e-mail or via the online form on the website
    Feedback to the candidate upon receipt of application documents
  • 2
    CV pre-selection – SITA model During this stage, the candidates for the position are subject to analysis and selection on the basis of the application documents.
  • 3
    In-depth telephone interview The aim is to verify and supplement the
    information contained in the application
    documents. This stage is followed by another
    selection and the chosen candidates are asked
    to appear for an interview.
    Feedback to Candidate on the in-depth interview
  • 4
    A phone call: Verification of command of Polish.At this stage MR JOB Consultant checks the candidate’s knowledge of Polish.
    Feedback to the candidate about the level of their knowledge of Polish
  • 5
    Interview on Skype: optional on some positions  The aim is to assess the candidate’s
    interpersonal skills. This stage can be
    combined with the verification of the Polish
    Feedback to Candidate on the results of the
    interview connect
  • 6
    Preparations of Candidate’s Profile.On the grounds of the interviews and
    documents obtained, MR JOB prepares the
    candidate’s profile together with a review.
    Information to the candidate on sending his profile to the Client
  • 7
    Making a decision about employment The waiting period for a decision by the client can take up to two months
    Information to the Candidate about the
    decision taken

Recruitment process UA

  • 1
    EmploymentIn the case of a positive opinion of the Contractor the last stage is compiling the documentation.

    • Sending the candidate a personal questionnaire to fill in
    • Sending by the Candidate a copy of the foreign passport and visa or work permit
  • 2
    Creating, on the basis of the documents received a statement of intention to employ foreigners and their registration with the State Employment Office

    Candidate does not have a visa

    • Sending a copy of the document to the candidate
    • The candidate registers in the visa centre in their region and indicates the date to MR JOB Consultant

    Candidate has a visa

    • Issuance of the original document
  • 3
    Shipment of documents by courier to Ukraine

    • Payment for the shipment by the candidate
    • Informing the candidate of the requirements in the the visa centre and on the border
  • 4
    Signing a contract with the candidate (temporary employment contract or a written order)

    • Compiling personnel documents
    • Medical examination and initial industrial safety training
    • Signing a contract with MR JOB
  • 5
    Providing information about where the place of residence

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