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Workers from Ukraine

Celem działalności MR JOB Agencji Pracy Tymczasowej jest wyjście naprzeciw zmieniającej się sytuacji gospodarczo- ekonomicznej i wsparcie naszych Klientów w dostarczeniu pracowników.

The goal of MR JOB Temporary-Work Agency is responding to the changing economic-commercial situation and supporting our Clients in providing workers. This service enables to fill the staff shortages caused by the gaps in Polish labour market or to provide typically seasonal workers who will guarantee the continuity of employment.

If you

  • need fully available, experienced and motivated to work specialists;
  • want to fill staff shortages connected with the deficit of proper candidates from Poland;
  • are looking for mobile workers who are ready to start an employment regardless of place of work.

We offer a service, in the field of employment of workers from Ukraine primarily means:.

The cooperation with us in the field of employment of workers from Ukraine primarily means:

  • the guarantee of legal employment of workers from Ukraine in Poland – we don’t employ workers on ‘junk’ contracts – the worker’s salary contains full social security contributions (ZUS);
  • our workers use Polish in a communicative way;
  • we support the workers in the search for accommodation located in the near distance from the place of work;
  • we help the workers in confirming or acquiring the necessary licenses e.g. license for forklifts;
  • we guarantee the legal stay of workers on the territory of Poland, we act as intermediaries in obtaining visas entitling to work in Poland

Based on years of experience MR JOB Agencja Pracy Tymczasowej guarantees the highest quality of services. The candidates from Ukraine are matched to meet the Client’s needs after positive passing through the recruitment process consisting of several stages. Prior to employment the tests of Polish language competence are carried out and the necessary licenses to work are verified. After the candidate’s acceptance by the Client we ensure the overall help in completing formalities connected with starting the legal work in Poland.

The process of employment of workers from Ukraine includes

  • the recruitment of candidates and support for human resources and payroll services
  • the attention for all formal issues: the support in obtaining and the extension of a visa, work permits or residence permits; registering the candidate in the Employment Office;
  • the coordination of the worker’s arrival to Poland in accordance with applicable legal provisions on the territory of Poland and Ukraine;
  • language verification of candidates from Ukraine and the licenses they hold;
  • the help in the provision of accommodation for workers;
  • the assigned Custodian who communicates in Ukrainian language.
  • Through the employment of workers from Ukraine we are helping our Clients in filling the gap in the personnel, which is one of the most important elements in the functioning of a company.

The benefits arising from the employment of workers from Ukraine:

  • high motivation of workers – the salary of workers in Poland is higher than the rates in the companies in Ukraine, which has a positive influence on the commitment and the decrease of the turnover level of the employed workers;
  • the flow of new workers, from the outside of local labour market;
  • cultural and language proximity – the easiness in adaptation of workers from Ukraine to Polish working conditions;
  • the decrease of the risk of staff turnover related to the application of motivation systems;
  • the accommodation located in near distance from the place of work;