For employers

Outsourced employees

The aim of outsourcing employees is to ensure, within a specific period of time, employees whose knowledge and skills comply with the requirements described by the client. This service involves outsourcing payroll and human resources activities, as specified in the Labour Code.

The agency takes over some of the employers’ responsibilities, related e.g. to recruitment processes, remuneration, absence control, and ongoing employees fluctuation.

We support our Clients by taking the following steps:

  • we create job specifications for a given position;
  • we carry out a multistage recruitment process which enables to select suitable employees (at this stage we often use competency assessment tests);
  • we organise medical examinations, taking into account harmful influences which may occur while working in a given position;
  • we conduct general occupational health and safety training courses;
  • we ensure all human resources and payroll services to employees, timely remuneration, certificate issuance, contract conclusions and renewals;
  • we are in constant touch with leased employees, we control their work and absence;
  • we assign to each client a dedicated specialist who is in constant touch with managers of separate departments;
  • we control medical leaves taken by temporary employees and we closely cooperate with the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS);
  • we ensure continued employment – in case of the employee’s absence we guarantee substitution;
  • we take on responsibilities of admitting the applicant to perform given work in compliance with the provisions of law. Employees leased by us are ready to start work from the first day they are in your company.