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Opinions about MR JOB

We respect the views and opinions of people who cooperate with us. Therefore, we would like to present several opinions about us which have been posted on the Internet portal www.gowork.pl by people who have cooperated with us.

We would also like to thank for your kind words and the trust you’ve given us.

  • Paweł – 28.10.2014 „…I’ve been working for MR JOB for 3 months . If you ask me everything is the way it should be. The salary is always on time, the living conditions are really great, there is contact with the company at all times, they really take care of their employees and make sure everything is ok. If it’s not, then they try to make it better immediately…”
  • Marek – 12.07.2014 ” … I’ve been working for MR JOB for almost two years and I managed to get a pretty good picture of the company. I work on contracts in Germany and so far I’ve had no reasons for complaints the company is reliable, caring for its people, the money is always paid on time no problems with accommodation in good conditions the communication with the ladies at the office is good. I can recommend MR JOB as professionals in their field…”
  • Wacław – 27.10.2014 „… I will keep it short. I will just answer your questions on the scale from 1 to 5. Accommodation 5, sometimes even 5+. Salary paid on time on the tenth each month (if not, it is due to bank delays). …”
  • Bella – 18.01.2011 „… The agency has many interesting offers in Legnica and beyond, the salaries are always paid on time, very good contact. Smooth dealing with formalities. I work in the Legnica zone via MR JOB and I am very happy with it …”
  • Inka – 23.04.2012 „… I value the commitment of the staff of MR JOB Temporary Employment Agency in Legnica to finding new workplaces. Thanks to that, me and many of my friends can work and provide for ourselves while studying. We value that a lot. The company is reliable, the remuneration is paid on time, very good contact with the employees of the Company. I recommend it….”
  • Karollo – 08.07.2014 „… I am currently working with MR JOB and I must say that all is Very Good.
    At least four reasons:
    – money always on time.
    – they have a lot of business partners.
    – they look and pay for apartments themselves .
    – nice service …”